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President’s Welcome 

Dear Friends,

Welcome Home, and welcome to New Neighbors, a very special organization where you will meet wonderful friends with whom you can to share the next chapter.

So many of us have had the same experience you are having of leaving careers and lifetime friends and moving to a new place where everyone is a stranger and everything is new.

I recall the first time that my husband, Ed, and I drove to the Landings, crossing the bridge over the Moon River and looking out over the salt marsh and just feeling our bodies relax and our minds ease.  We simultaneously said to each other as we drove down the Diamond Causeway that we could feel our blood pressure decrease. We looked at about 20 or 30 houses that weekend and when we first walked into the home that we bought it spoke loudly to us that this was where we were supposed to be. The friends that we have made in the past 3 years have validated that decision and we could not be happier with our move from the Washington, D.C. area to continue our life journey together at the Landings.

We are grateful for each friend that we have made along the way.

We hope that New Neighbors facilitates the same type of transition for you. For us, every day has been a new adventure with an incredible community of friends with whom we have laughed, played, loved and shared heartbreak. Our organization, which is led by a 16 member board and over 65 activity chairs, has something to offer everyone from sports activities, to gastronomic experiences, to tours that will help you learn about the new place you call home – and so much more.

Welcome Home, and welcome to our circle of friends,

Marguerite Baxter