Club Rules Regarding Non-Member Use of the Clubs



New Neighbors utilizes The Landings Club (TLC) facilities for a number of activities and special events throughout the year; and, while the New Neighbors Board encourages all of our members to join The Landing Club, we realize that not everyone chooses to do so. However, it is our desire that all New Neighbors, TLC members and non-members alike, understand the Club’s policies regarding non-member usage of Club facilities. The following regulations for Club use have been developed and approved by The Landings Club, and it is anticipated that our membership will abide by these policies for TLC usage.

Cabana Bar, Deer Creek Patio, Franklin Creek Café, and Restaurant Dining. New Neighbors, LLC, is not a member of The Landings Club and, therefore, cannot host individuals at these venues. For this reason, New Neighbors who are not members of TLC need to be sponsored and accompanied by an individual TLC member to order food or beverages at these locations.

Catered Events. New Neighbors catered events include the Annual Social, General Meetings, Luncheons, Cocktail Receptions and any activity that contracts with the Club for space. There is no limit on the number of times a non-Club-member may attend catered events. A cash bar will be available for non-members, but no accommodation for credit cards will be available. To participate in these events, all NN members submit a registration fee by check, payable to New Neighbors, LLC.

Games. Individuals who are not members of TLC may participate in New Neighbors’ activities that use Club card rooms for games (i.e. Mah Jongg, Bridge, Canasta, Bunco) one time per month. This one time participation applies to all games, rather than once for each game.

Golf and Court Sports.  Athletic Club level members may participate only in Court Sports. Full Club members may participate in any sport. New Neighbors who are not members of TLC may participate as a guest of a TLC Athletic or Full/Golf member up to six times per year with the appropriate Guest Fees or may utilize a Limited Golf Package in the same manner. The names of Guests using Limited Golf Packages cannot be added to New Neighbors’ tee time requests but must be added as guests.

Food and Drink at Club Facilities. When holding a New Neighbors event at a Club facility, all food and beverages must be purchased through the Club. No outside food or beverages may be carried into the Club.

Food and Beverage Purchases at Club Facilities (other than Catered Events). Effective September 15, 2014, only Landings Club Members may purchase food and beverage in the clubhouses (unless at a catered event as described above). Non-members without a valid guest card may no longer use a credit card for these purchases.