New Member Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if I express an interest in an activity when I complete my NN Membership application?  Indicating an interest in an activity on your application merely tells us that you might like to join that activity.  An Activity Chair will then provide you with more details about that activity including how to join that group.

How do I find out about and sign up for New Neighbors activities? On the 15th of each month from August to April, you’ll receive an email informing you when the NN Newsletter is available on our website. This newsletter contains all the activities scheduled for the next 30-60 days including details on how to sign up for specific events. In late May/early June, an email with the “Summer NN Newsletter” availability will be sent to you. The newsletter lists the activities for June, July and August. Please note: just one member of each household receives this email, so check with your spouse, partner, or housemate! If you’re interested in any activity, reservations are accepted in one of two ways: 1) when pre-payment is required, by mailing or “tubing” a check to the Activity Chair or 2) by emailing the Activity Chair when no pre-payment is needed.

What is a tube?  How do I tube?  A tube is the cylindrical unit located just beneath all of our Landings mailboxes. You may “tube” your reservation payment by putting your check in an envelope marked with the required information and placing it in the appropriate tube.

Can men and women participate in all activities?  Both men and women are welcome to participate in any activity, unless the activity description specifically states it is exclusively geared toward men or women (i.e. Men’s Breakfast or Ladies’ Lunch Bunch). Occasionally an activity typically open to only one gender has an opportunity for both men and women to participate, such as when Wild Women invite men to join them in an outing. It’s important to read each description in the Newsletter carefully.

Do I have to be a member of The Landings Club to participate in NN activities?  Most NN activities don’t require Landings Club membership. However, if an activity is held on Landings Club property, New Neighbors adheres to the Club’s “Non-Member Use” Policy. Please read it carefully if it applies to you.

How do I access the NN Membership Directory?  A list of members and their contact information is available on our website and is updated monthly. In the Membership section of the website, click on Directory and enter the password. The password changes annually and you’ll be notified of the change, usually in early fall. If you don’t have the password, you may contact the Webmaster or Membership Coordinator. 

When does the New Neighbors “season” begin/end?  As a group, we’re most active from late September through early May. We launch the season of activities in September with our Kick-Off Luncheon, a great time to learn about all of our activities and meet both our Activity Chairs and the NN Board for the upcoming year.  We end the season with a luncheon in May when our graduates are formally bid farewell! While most of our activities take a break in the summer, several activities do continue year-round (i.e., some sports, games, and special interest groups). Refer to the NN Summer Newsletter for details on these activities.

When do I graduate from New Neighbors? The number of years you may participate in New Neighbors is changing as of June 1, 2015. If you join on or before May 31, 2015, you’ll graduate from NN on the May 31st which directly follows the third anniversary of your joining. If you join after May 31, 2015, you’ll graduate from NN on the May 31st which directly follows your SECOND anniversary of joining. What this means is that anyone who joins between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2016, will graduate in May 2018.

What if I want to get more involved by serving as an Activity Chair or Board Member?  Once you see what a great group we are and you begin to enjoy what we offer, you’ll come to appreciate that it takes a lot of volunteer time in a myriad of ways to make it work. Each year in January we request that members, men and women, step up to take on roles for the following New Neighbors year. We look forward to having your help!