The Landings Club Standards for Member and Guest Attire

The Landings Club Dress Code – Revised 8-27-13 

The Landings Club serves as an extension of our members’ homes, is the centerpiece of much of their social lives and is, by design, a casual environment. It is with this context that the Board of Governors establishes reasonable standards for member attire that is intended to support a pleasant and respectful atmosphere for members to enjoy our Club. Recognizing that it cannot identify all forms of attire for every circumstance, the dress code is built on the premise that members will exercise good judgment, respect tradition and be sensitive to fellow Club members. An integral part of our Club’s tradition is that members, their families and guests will always be neatly attired and will maintain elevated standards that are customary for athletic and dining experiences. While club casual attire is generally acceptable, untidy or sloppy attire is not permitted. Children and their guests of all ages are an integral part of our Club’s culture, and therefore they are asked to abide by the same reasonable standards of dress as all other members. 

While compliance with the dress code is the responsibility of our members and their guests, Club management has been charged with monitoring compliance and is authorized by the Board of Governors to notify members or their guests when their attire is not deemed consistent with the Club’s dress code policies. 

Prohibited attire at all Clubhouses, Golf Courses, Practice Facilities, Tennis Facilities, Fitness Center and Pools 

• Frayed, torn, excessively baggy or unclean attire. 

• Denim and jeans are prohibited on all golf courses and golf practice facilities, on the tennis and pickleball courts, and in the fitness workout areas. 

• Jeans are prohibited in Marshwood’s Magnolia dining room. 

• Visible undergarments; men’s tank shirts except in the fitness center. 

• Cut off shirts, cut off pants or cut off shorts. 

• Sweatpants and hooded sweatshirts. Exceptions are at the pools, fitness center, and breakfast hours at Marshwood. 

• Short shorts, athletic shorts, tee shirts, and bare midriffs except at pools and the fitness center. 

• Flip-flops (rubber or foam, beach style) except at the pools. 

• Team sport uniforms and jerseys or shirts with large graphics are not appropriate except in the Oakridge Pub, the pools and the Fitness Center. 

• Hats and visors for men and boys inside all clubhouses, except in pro shops and fitness center work out areas only. All hats and visors must be worn with brim forward.  

Permitted Clubhouse Attire 

Casual, neat and clean attire is expected at all clubhouses for all members, their families and guests, unless otherwise noted for specific events. 

Standards of attire for clubhouses: 

  •  For gentlemen, appropriate attire includes slacks and Bermuda length shorts, shirts with collars or mock collars and turtlenecks.
  •  For ladies, appropriate attire includes dresses, skirts, slacks, golf length shorts and skirts.
  •  During breakfast service hours at Marshwood only, sports/athletic attire, including collarless shirts with sleeves and all sport warm up suits are permitted.
  •  When necessary, the Skidaway Grill may be opened to accommodate members dressed in Cabana/pool attire with appropriate cover ups and footwear.
  •  Jeans, where permitted, must be clean, neat and without holes or frays.

Permitted Attire for Activities 

Golf courses and golf practice facilities: 

• For gentlemen, slacks and Bermuda length shorts, shirts with collars or mock collars and turtlenecks. 

• For ladies, slacks, golf skirts and shorts no shorter than 6” above the knee, golf shirts, shirts with collars and no sleeves or no collar with sleeves. Low scoop necklines and halter tops are not permitted for any golf activities. 

• All shirts are to be tucked in unless designed to be worn untucked. 

• Outerwear, specifically designed for golf, is permitted.  

Tennis Courts: 

• Clothing designed and manufactured for tennis is required. 

• For gentlemen, tennis shorts and shirts, including sleeveless shirts specifically designed for tennis play. Shirts are required at all times. 

• For ladies, tennis dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts. 

• Warm up suits, specifically designed for tennis, are appropriate. 

• Tennis shoes are required on all courts. 

• Cross training, running, or any shoes with aggressive treads are not permitted on any courts.  

Pickleball: Tennis attire and tennis shoes as noted above are required. 

Platform Tennis: Athletic attire is preferred and sneakers are required. 

Bocce: Casual attire is acceptable and flat sole sneakers are required. 

Fitness Center: 

  • Exercise attire, in good taste, specifically designed for fitness workouts. Attire should be clean, without holes, large buttons, belt buckles, or offensive slogans or graphics. Workout clothing must not allow underwear to be visible.
  • For gentlemen, athletic shorts, tee shirts and sleeveless shirts or athletic tank shirts with hemmed armholes and exercise warm up suits.
  • For ladies, athletic tights, shorts, tee shirts and warm up suits.
  • Closed toe shoes are required unless participating in classes where shoe removal is permitted, or at pools and in locker rooms.
  • Street shoes, golf shoes or heels are not allowed when using any equipment.

Fitness Center Pools, Marshwood and Franklin Creek Pools: 

  • Swimsuits are required in all pools.
  • Swimsuits must provide appropriate cover. Thong swimsuits and offensive or revealing swimwear is not permitted.
  • Visible underwear, including tank style undershirts, and offensive graphics or slogans on tee shirts are not permitted.
  • Full cover ups and footwear are required when outside all immediate pool areas.
  • Pool shoes, designed to be worn only in the pool, are acceptable.
  • Swimsuits, even with cover ups, are prohibited in all clubhouses except at the Skidaway Grill when necessary.
  • Infants not toilet trained must wear swim diapers in all Landings pools.