“New Neighbors is where I metmy best friend…”

That’s what you’ll hear most often about the Landings New Neighbors. The organization was founded in 1990 to help new residents become familiar with their new community and make new friends. That goal continues today, and when you ask former and current members—New Neighbors has been wildly successful!

New Neighbors membership is a two-year term and our membership rolls include several hundred members who hail from close-by, across the country and around the globe.

When you join New Neighbors, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in 35+ activities. As you participate, you’ll get to know other members well and begin forging the friendships that will last a lifetime.

Annually, more than 80 members contribute their time and talent to plan and manage activities and events throughout the year, including opportunities for you to:

  • socialize in large and small groups
  • participate in sports and games
  • learn about the military and Savannah’s history
  • visit places unique to Savannah
  • dine out in large or small groups; in restaurants and in members’ homes
  • discover the natural wonders of the Low County
  • learn or hone a skill in book, fishing or needlework groups
  • give back to others through our community service activities

New Neighbors is a friendly, fun-filled, welcoming group that will help you settle into life at The Landings. We invite you to join us; we’d like to meet you!

Join Us!

Other Landings Organizations

All those Landings organizations—it can be confusing! Landings New Neighbors is not affiliated with The Landings Association, which is the homeowners association for Landings residents. We’re also not affiliated with The Landings Club, the sports and social club that is part of our community—but we do use many of the Club’s wonderful amenities for our activities.