Any full-time or part-time resident of The Landings who is age 21 or older, and who has never before belonged to The Landings New Neighbors, is eligible to join. If you are a couple, each person must join separately — there are no family, couple or group memberships.

Yes indeed! That’s our mission! Sign up for an activity and you’re sure to meet some people with a similar interest. If you need a little more help, we have ambassadors who will help you get connected. And don’t be afraid to try something new—you may find a new friend and discover why many residents call The Landings, Camp Skidaway!

Many New Neighbors members are not retired. To decide whether you’ll be able to participate in the activities you like, take a look at the calendar—which shows the day of the week and time of the day for each activity.  If you decide to postpone membership until you retire—we’ll welcome you then!

Part-time residents are eligible to join and our membership includes many folks who are not here year-round. In fact, part-time residents find that New Neighbors is especially helpful in helping them make friends quickly. The New Neighbors calendar shows a year’s worth of activities, and you’ll be able to see which activities match the time you’re in residence.

Indicating an interest in an activity on your application tells the volunteer chairperson for that activity that you might like to participate in that activity. But to participate, you need to sign up for activities. Indicating your interest when you became a member is not enough. Please be proactive and sign up using the website.



All activities are listed here. To find out more about them, feel free to reach out to the email below each listed activity.

You can sign up for most activities at any time:

  • First, check the calendar listing. Click on the activity title to bring up details. Many have instructions on how to sign up.
  • If no instruction are given, you can sign up by emailing the persons listed on the listed activity.

For some activities and special events, sign-up / registration is limited to once a month:

  • On the 15th of each month you’ll receive an email informing you of the special events and activities. These special events are also listed here.
  • You can sign up beginning at 8:00 am on the 18th of the month. Popular activities with limited participation sell out quickly—be sure to set your alarm on the 18th, so you don’t miss out!
  • Activities that require payment will have an Eventbrite link, where you will pay with a credit card.  You can register and pay from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Both men and women are welcome to participate in any activity, unless the activity description specifically states it is exclusively geared toward men or women (i.e. Men’s Golf or Women’s Breakfast). Occasionally an activity typically open to only one gender has an opportunity for both men and women to participate, such as when Wild Women invite men to join them in an outing.

Generally New Neighbors activities are only open to members of The Landings New Neighbors.  However, Activity Chairs may determine if Guests are excluded or limited at any single activity or event.

For activities without a payment, contact the Activity Chairs as soon as possible to let them know that you cannot attend. Activities that are paid for through Eventbrite are non-refundable. However, you may contact the Activity Chair and ask if there is a waiting list.  If so, you may be eligible for a refund through Eventbrite. Only Activity Chairs are authorized to give refunds—you may not “sell” your ticket to another New Neighbor.

Many activities are free.  Those that have a cost vary widely, based on what is offered. We try to provide a range of activities to fit any budget.

We must use an online payment processor to accept online registration and payment. We selected Eventbrite, as it is reliable and competitively-priced. We review this decision periodically. When you pay for an activity using Eventbrite, you will pay an Eventbrite service fee, just as you do for any online ticket purchase. The fee goes to Eventbrite; New Neighbors does not receive any part of the service fee.

The activities below generally do not require Landings Club membership:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Author Talks
  • Biking
  • Boating – NN on the Water
  • Community Service – Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Community Service – Cupcakes for Kids
  • Discover Savannah
  • Gourmet
  • Happy Hours
  • International Group
  • Ladies Breakfast & Brunch
  • Ladies Lunch Bunch
  • Local Flavors
  • Men’s Lunch Group
  • Military Tours
  • Nature Tours
  • Needle Arts
  • Walking Group
  • Wild Women

These activities do require Club membership because Club facilities are used:

  • Breakfast Among Men
  • Bridge
  • Bunco
  • Canasta
  • Mah Jongg
  • Golf – Ladies 9-Hole
  • Golf – Ladies 18-Hole
  • Golf – Mens
  • Golf – Mixed Doubles
  • Pickleball
  • Tennis

We try to indicate on the activity posting if Club membership is required. Club membership may be cross checked with the Club membership database.

New Neighbors membership periods runs July 1 to June 30, regardless of when you join during the period. Many activities take place all year long, but most social activities take place from September through May.  We launch the season of activities in September with our Kick-Off Event, a great time to learn about all of our activities and meet our Activity Chairs and the NN Board for the upcoming year.

The term of membership is two full years starting on July 1st plus any partial year measured from the date you become a member and it ends on June 30th of the second full year.

To find your graduation date, Click on My Account located at the top of the web page. On the left hand side of the My Account page, click on Memberships.  The Memberships page will display details of your NN membership including the expiration date of your membership.

Yes, you are eligible to extend your membership for one additional year after your “graduation” date.  You will pay half of the two-year membership dues to extend. You can purchase your membership extension by clicking here.

We always need talented members to step into volunteer roles. If you’re interested, please contact the New Neighbors President.

No, we never sell, lease or give out membership directory information.  Members are prohibited from using NN Directory information to promote non-NN activities or causes, or to sell goods or services.

New Neighbors is a nonprofit, social organization. We collect dues which pay for our operating expenses, including insurance, website and other communication and marketing expenses, and some costs associated with our full-membership events. Activities are priced to break even; they are not expected to make or lose money.