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New Neighbors membership is changing for persons joining starting April 15th

The term is changing from two-years plus a one-year extension, to a simple three-year term.

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Until now, New Neighbors membership ran for two-years with an option to extend for one-additional third year. Many members did extend, had the hassle of making an additional payment, and it increased NN record keeping and volunteer time.

For individuals who join starting April 15, 2024, the term of membership when joining is lengthened to 3-years and there is no longer any extension period. Membership will start on the date of payment and end on the member’s anniversary date three years later.

Previously, the price for three years of membership was $60 for the original two years plus $30 for the third year, or $90. The price for the new three-year membership is $100, which covers the entire three-year membership period. It includes a small $10 dues increase, the first increase in many years.

For those members who joined prior to April 15, 2024, your membership does not change. You may continue to renew your membership for a third-year with the payment of $30. If you are eligible to extend your membership, you will receive an email asking you to renew in early June.

Members can always find their membership expiration date by checking here.

Calling All Volunteers!

We are still seeking a few volunteers to lead activities…

If you participated in and enjoyed a particular activity this past season or have an idea for a new activity, please reach out to Paul Fagan at to discuss your interest in leading an activity for the 24/25 season.  

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April 2024 Activities eBlast

We are headlong into a beautiful Spring, and there is no finer place to be than in The Landings! As we watch the dogwoods bloom and the azaleas pop, what new activities will you embrace?

New Neighbors offers an array of activities in which to enjoy the gorgeous weather, try something new, meet fellow islanders, and expand your circle of friends. Below is a list of upcoming special events created and hosted by an activity chair(s). Events listed here become available at 8am on the 18th. For the others, please check the calendar.

May 2: Ladies Derby “Day” Golf Scramble – Calling all Ladies 9 and 18 hole golfers! Come play a fun filled scramble with your New Neighbor friends. Golf format is Modified Scotch. Shotgun at 9:00 a.m

May 6: Chef Darin Cooking Class – Learn the professional way to prepare a Low Country Crab stew along with other delectable dishes in the kitchen of one of Savannah’s finest – Chef Darin.

May 6: Cinco de Mayo Meal & Celebration – Join the International Group for an evening of tasty Mexican cuisine and libations hosted in a member’s home. Attendees must have lived abroad for one year or more, and spouses or significant others are invited.

May 7: Second Harvest – Take the time to give back to the community by joining your New Neighbors in packing meals for at-risk kids.

May 7: Happy Hour – Bring your drink of choice and an appetizer to share and raise a glass with your newest neighbors in the Sunset Pavilion at Delegal Marina.

May 14:  Summer Send-Off Celebration  – Come out to celebrate a fantastic year of New Neighbors.  No sign up required.  Enjoy friends, live performances and food trucks.  This event is rain or shine.

May 16: Ladies Breakfast & Brunch Group at Treylor Park Double Wide Diner – Enjoy the food and nostalgia in this Savannah-unique restaurant, then stroll with your new neighbors through the downtown shops and storefronts.

May 16: Ladies Lunch Bunch at The Deck on Tybee Island – Experience Tybee’s only oceanside restaurant – the sand, the breeze, the seafood – with neighbors and friends.

May 21: Second Harvest – Join forces with your neighbors to help package meals for residents of coastal Georgia struggling with hunger. 

Happy Spring!

 Paul Fagan
VP Activities – Facilities and Communications

April 16, 2024

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Summer Send-Off Celebration

Our biggest party of the year! Learn more here

New Neighbors is About Nurturing

On the day you moved to The Landings, do you remember the feeling you had as you crossed the bridge and gazed ahead at your new home?  …

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Perhaps a feeling of not knowing quite what to expect, but a flutter of excitement nonetheless.  Then, as you started meeting people, the excitement turned into something more enduring:  the caring and nurturing of friends and neighbors, expressed in myriad ways.  A quick smile, an invitation to share a glass of wine, or a private moment of empathy over an injury or the loss of a loved one.  These moments between neighbors are meaningful and nurture friendship and community.

For 34 years now, New Neighbors has been a catalyst for our nurturing community.  We want to ensure New Neighbors continues to grow and thrive far into the future.  To ensure this happens, we modernized the by-laws and streamlined the Board of Directors to make New Neighbors more agile and responsive to our members’ needs.   In addition, your Nominating Committee has been working hard to identify candidates for the 2024 – 2025 Board.  If you believe that New Neighbors has made a difference in the quality of your life, and I’m confident you do, please reach out to me.  Let’s talk about how you can contribute to the tradition of caring and nurturing in The Landings.

During this month, consider the small things you can do each day to show others how much their friendship is worth nurturing. 

See you around our beautiful island!

Luanne Samson
President, Landings New Neighbors

April 1, 2024


Welcome to Our Newest Neighbors

  • Lauren & Doug Albert, Smithtown, NY
  • Fatima & Stephen Aspden, CT
  • Kerri & Tim Geiken, Alpharetta, GA

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  • Pat & Marc Hurlbut, San Clemente, CA
  • Lynne & Mike Lambert, Holmdel, NJ
  • Jamie Murdock & Mike Geary, Arlington, VA
  • Marilyn & Patrick Newman, Chicago, IL
  • Wendi & Jeff Peters, Charlotte, NC
  • Amy & Jim Sheridan, Gilford, NH
  • Susan & David Weissman, Moorestown, NJ

To learn more about them or any of your New Neighbors, check out the NN Member Directory.

April 1, 2024

How Do I Sign Up For An Activity?

Even though you indicated your interest in an activity when you joined New Neighbors, you still need to sign up to participate…

  • You can sign up for most activities at any time.
  • Click here to learn about activities.
  • Click here to check the calendar listing.

For some activities, sign-up is limited to once a month:

  • On the 16th of each month you’ll receive an email informing you of these events and activities. These events are also listed here.
  • You can sign up beginning at 8:00 am on the 18th of the month. Popular activities with limited participation sell out quickly—be sure to set your alarm on the 18th so you don’t miss out!
  • Activities that require payment will have an Eventbrite link, where you will pay with a credit card.  You can register and pay from a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
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